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Paul Pace

I joined Versus in December 2018 for a few reasons. My employer Jonathan Jones of Jones companies, offers to pay his employees to attend up to eight times a month to encourage them to improve their health and fitness. Also, my son Tanner was already a member and I would be able to spend some quality time with him. I was also ready to lose some weight and improve my health and fitness which I had let slip away at the age of 55.

My first goal was to do the movements and make it through the class. I was very sore. After the first month, along with beginning to make changes in my diet, I began to slowly get more comfortable with what I was doing. In January, I got on their unlimited plan so that I can come 4 to 5 days per week. To begin with, I had to modify exercises and couldn't really do a full workout. The trainers really helped me modify the workouts to complete the exercises at my own pace. I soon regained some strength and stamina that i had lost long ago. I began to realize it was not my age, but my lack of exercise, and physical activity that was the biggest deterrent to my fitness. Since joining Versus, I’ve lost over 35lbs and regained some long lost muscle tone.

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The group setting helped me stay motivated to come. I made friends and got to know the coaches well. Having friends going through the same challenges you are, lives you an other reason to continue. I get bored easily, but every day there's a different work out with different challenges for both strength and cardio to keep them from being the same old drag. The competition between participants in the class is also another great motivator for me.

I workout at lunchtime primarily with Coach Steve. Versus has a great atmosphere and great people. They challenge you to reach your potential, but take into account any personal limitations you may have. Versus accommodates for all levels from beginners to the extremely fit. If you're not presently working out, I would highly recommend Versus.

I can't think Jonathan Jones enough for wanting to improve the quality of life for his employees. If you are a Jones employee, I highly recommend that you take advantage of this offer.

Make sure to check out CLEAN KITCHEN and call/text (6015546254) Versus to to set up a FREE 5 session trial pass!

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