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Ginger Halk

For many years I have fluctuated with being active and concerned about my health. During the periods of time where I put my health at the forefront, I would feel better and see results. However, inevitably, life would get in the way and I would make “excuses” as to why I didn’t have time to keep it up.

In September of 2017, I had reached a point in my life where I was not happy with my weight, my health was poor, and my activity level was pretty much non-existent. I was ready for a change. At that time, Katie, one of my coworkers invited me to join the Fall 2017 Versus Boot Camp. I was excited and unsure at the same time, but decided to try it. I signed up for the 5:00 a.m. Versus boot camp at Thames Elementary and anxiously awaited my first day.

I remember my first morning and being so unsure if I could even complete the workout. Of course, as I struggled to jog our first 400 meters, not even making it to the 200 meter mark before having to walk I became even more unsure. Matt, who has been so supportive and such a great coach throughout this journey, made sure we knew that there were “no heroes” and that if we needed a break, take one.

All of us were instructed to do what we can and that we would get better and stronger... and over the course of the boot camp I did just that. Gradually I was able to complete the 400 meter warm up, do burpees without modifications, and plank for the given amount of time without taking breaks. I was becoming stronger and I was so excited about the improvements I was seeing. It was not a difficult decision for me to continue with Versus when boot camp ended. I jumped in with both feet! After a year of working out with Versus and seeing changes in my weight and feeling much stronger, I was still felt like I needed to make more changes.

So in August of 2018, two friends and I decided to join Clean Kitchen. Again I was nervous and anxious whether I could do this or not.

Life was so busy between work, taking a class, family, friends, and workout, how could I find time for something else; much less something that would take away all of my fast food and pre-packaged food.

However, after completing the 12 week program I was so glad that I did it. I found that even with all of the things going on in my life, with a little prep along with a few daily habits, eating clean was not a difficult thing to do. My coach, Jeni, made the journey easy and was always so supportive throughout the whole process. I found that I felt better, I slept better, and I definitely didn’t miss that overstuffed feeling from overeating at most meals.

My Versus journey over the last fifteen months have brought so many changes to my life. I have lost 45 pounds and feel so much better both mentally and physically.

I am more comfortable in my own skin and am so proud of all of my accomplishments. I have learned to set goals to reach and to push myself to be better everyday. I love the new friends I have made and know I could not have achieved the goals I have set without my Versus family. I look forward to the next year!

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