Fitness: Everywhere and in Everything

At Versus Strength and Conditioning we train professional athletes, housewives, small business owners, high school athletes, police officers, etc... The common theme with our clients is the need or want to better themselves.  Some want to redefine themselves, others want to rediscover themselves.  Wherever that journey takes us or however long it takes is fine.  It's all about the journey.  We use old-school ideas fused with new-school thought to accomplish our goal: fitness

Versus S&C has no central air. We don't have any televisions, machines or mirrors.  We are serious about setting and accomplishing goals.  Taking away distractions allows us to get to know you better.  Getting rid of the tv, muting the ipod, and not hanging mirrors lets you focus on what we are all about:

At Versus, Fitness is a way of life.  We say things like: accomplished, don't quit, push, finish, all out, faster, be strong, you can do this, don't be scared, achieve, conquer, survive, honest, determined, responsibility, dedication, discipline, confidence.
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